The following two methods are ways to remove grease stains from your clothes:

  • Dish detergent– The best and most straightforward approach to expel anything slick, greasy or oily from any cloth or fabric is by liberally applying a concentrated dish cleanser specifically to the stain. It contains no chemicals so you don’t need to stress over it by harming the fabric. Dish detergent is made to slice through grease. Utilizing a little brush (old toothbrushes work well) would clean the stain in a round movement for a few minutes. Continue pouring on the detergent if necessary. Let the fabric rest for 30 minutes or so at any rate before putting in the clothes washer. Wash in warm water on substantial heavy-duty cycle.
  • Baby powder/ Talcum powder /plain white chalk -Pour a little bit of your chosen powder on top of the new grease stain on your cloths. The powder is sufficiently fine which will fill in the holes between the filaments, and pick up the grease. Leave the powder on the garment for 10-15 minutes. After that remove it. In the event that the grease is still faintly distinctive, put it in the clothes washer under chilly water. The mix ought to do the trick and when the attire has dried, there ought to be no hint of grease stain left.

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