Nothing can beat the comfort that a soft, fluffy pillow offers you as you lie down on your bed at the end of a tiring day. But lack of proper care can make your pillow unhygienic. So you need to wash your pillow regularly, and that too in the proper manner. Wrong washing techniques can make your pillow lose its shape. So let us have a look at how to go about it:


First of all, you need to remove the pillow cover and can wash it separately. Our main concern is to wash the pillow which can be done in two ways- using a washing machine or even without using it. No matter which alternative you go for, first fill the tub or the machine with hot water.


Now add some mild detergent to the water. You can go for the one that you use for the winter garments or may simply use the regular detergent. It will be better to wash your bed-sheet or similar stuffs along with the pillow since in doing so, the pillow will not be the only thing inside the machine and will thus undergo less “torture”. The adjustments of the machine should be done in such a way that it undergoes the second rinse cycle.


A pillow should be always be washed considering its care label. The amount of detergent that you should apply and also the settings depend on it.


All these are not a concern in case you are washing the pillow manually. In that case you should rinse your pillow gently using your hands, till the dirt comes out of it and the solution turns blackish. It is advisable to wash the memory foam pillows with hand, instead of putting them into the machine. Others like cotton pillow, synthetic pillow or down pillows do not need to be washed by hands.


After you are done with the washing part, the next step would be go to dry the pillow. For this, you may use a dryer. Putting the pillows inside the dryer, however, may cause its fibers to clump. To avoid this, you can use two tennis balls and place them inside the dryer along with the pillows. On doing so, you will not only be able to prevent the fibers from clumping but also be able to accelerate the drying process.

Before drying the pillows too, the care label should be checked. If the pillow doesn’t allow the use of a dryer, you can simply put them over the dryer while you are drying other clothes using it. The upper surface of the dryer remains warm during this time and it will allow your pillow to be dried quite easily.

Even if you do not have a dryer, it is perfectly alright as you can sun-dry them just like you dry your clothes.


Wash your pillow at least once a year and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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