Many people love the idea of getting tattoos but tend to restrain themselves because once a permanent tattoo is applied, in case things go wrong, removing it would be quite a difficult task (also very costly ha-ha). For such people temporary tattoos provide to be the perfect option to test the waters. Also, another benefit of a temporary tattoo is that you can change it as per your mood with a lot of convenience. You won’t really get sick of them due to their short life span and if you do they are easy to remove. Judging by the fact you are reading this I’m guessing you’re sick of your temporary tattoo and are ready to remove it.   This article will provide you with some tricks that will insure easy and smooth removal.

The temporary tattoo removal process

There are two options depending on the duration that you have had the temporary tattoo. Sometimes, you want to get rid of a tattoo as soon as you have gotten it because it did not look like the way you wanted it. At other times, you have had it for some time and then would like to get rid of it to acquire some change. We are going to shed some light on how to remove the tattoos in both the situations so that things would become a whole lot feasible for you.

For tattoos that you’ve gotten for six hours or longer

For this, you need a cotton ball and some baby oil or hand sanitizer. Saturate the cotton ball with the oil or sanitizer and wait for around 10 seconds before rubbing the tattoo away, using the cotton ball for the purpose. Rinse the area properly with water and you have gotten rid of the tattoo in no time at all.

For tattoos that you’ve gotten for less than six hours

In this case, you can remove the tattoo by making use of household tape which would cause the tattoo to come off the skin. All that you need to do is apply the tape to the tattoo and then press it down in a firm manner. Lift the tape up, and the tattoo will come off. You might have to perform the process multiple times for the whole of tattoo to come off. If the temporary tattoo is in a hairy area you might just want to try scrubbing with soap and water as an alternative. It may take longer but latest you won’t be pulling hair.

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