If you’ve ever messed around outside by a pine tree I’m sure you have ended up with pine sap on your clothes at some point or the other. Since it’s a common occurrence we’ve put together a how-to remove pine sap article using common household items.

To remove pine sap from cloths you will need one of the following:

  • Pine sap removal with ice cubes
  • Pine Sap removal with hand sanitizer
  • Pine Sap removal with alcohol
  • Tips for pine sap removal

Pine sap removal with ice cubes

Upon first noticing the pine sap, try freezing it with ice cubes. Don’t make the mistake of rubbing it on the affected area because rubbing will only push it deeper into the fabric. Simply allow the ice to melt on the sap. Once it hardens, it will come off the clothing easily. If this method fails, try one of the solutions given below.

Pine Sap removal with hand sanitizer

A successful solution to remove pine sap from any fabric involves the use of a regular hand sanitizer. Simply apply a little bit of hand sanitizer on the affected area, and then start rubbing it with your fingers. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can make use of a toothbrush to rub the sanitizer on the affected area. Please know that you might have to rub for a little while to loosen the sap from the cloth. Once done, rinse it off with a little bit of soap, and you should be left with a smile on your face and a sap-free clothing. Sometimes, it might take more than one try to clear the sap with this method. It all depends on how much sap got into your clothing and how long you sat on something that had sap on it. It’s best recommended to tackle pine sap at the early stage itself because the longer they stay, the harder they are to remove.

Pine Sap removal with alcohol

Rubbing alcohol on the affected area can also do wonders over here. However, make use of a mild alcohol, or it might lead to discoloration on some fabrics. Also, this method might not work on all kinds of fabric. Your best bet would be to spot test first on a small portion before trying it on the whole affected area. The alcohol starts to work almost immediately as soon as you start rubbing it on the cloth. In most cases, the pine sap starts to disappear like magic. This method is super cheap and easy. Just make sure that you don’t consume the alcohol because it’s not good for your health. You already knew this, right?

Tips for pine sap removal

If you don’t have a hand sanitizer or alcohol, you can also make use of peanut butter or a nail polish remover to eliminate pine sap from your clothes.

Do not machine wash a pine sap affected clothing without completely removing the sap because it may melt and spread onto other clothing. Once removed, you can launder the fabric as usual.

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