Dyeing your hair is a common thing; tons of people do it. The majority of people who dye their hair do it at home. Now since your reading this article, odds are while dyeing your hair you managed to spill a little bit (or a lot haha) on your carpet. Not going to lie… Removal of those stains can be tough, unless you know exactly what to do and you do it within the right time. To help you remove hair dye out of your carpet follow the below steps and recommendations:

  • Use a rag or a washcloth to soak up the spilled hair dye from the carpet. Be sure that you use the rag only for soaking up the dye, turning the washcloth on the dry side if you need to soak up more liquid.
  • Take two cups of water at lukewarm temperature and pour it over the stain. Sprinkle a tablespoon of dish liquid and white vinegar of the same measurement. You can also use water as a substitute if you do not have white vinegar.
  • Now take a new rag or washcloth and use it to dab at the hair dye stain. Keep dabbing until the mark of the dye has been diminished completely.
  • Gently rinse the region with cold water.
  • Make use of a sponge to blot the entire region so that it is not damp anymore.
  • Soak yet another cloth with a minimal amount of rubbing alcohol and rub at the region until the hair dye mark has disappeared.
  • A rinse of cold water should be done at the end.
  • In case of a persistent hair dye stain, use a tablespoon of ammonia instead of white vinegar or water in the aforementioned liquid mixture. Let the mixture soak the stain and stay like that for half an hour. Keep adding more of the mixture with a new cloth within the lapse of five minutes. However, be sure to not use this ammonia inclusive mixture on carpets made of wool as that can be damaging to the texture of the carpet.
  • Finish this slightly more intense procedure with a rinse of cool water as well.
  • After the removal of the stain, make use of a rag or sponge to absorb the remaining liquid. After letting the carpet dry naturally, be sure to do a bit of dry vacuuming in order to bring the fibres of the carpet back to their normal state.

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to ensure that your carpet is in perfect shape even after hair dye spilling over it. Your days of worrying about carpet stains are over, thanks to this nifty little trick. Do try it out – Let us know how it works!

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