A tie can make or break your look. If you are working with a limited number of ties, you better make sure that each one of them is clean and spotless. After all, who wants to look sloppy and unprofessional? That being said, you can’t clean a tie like your regular clothing. Silk ties, in particular, require extra care and attention. As such, there are endless suggestions regarding the best ways to clean a silk tie. We bring you the ultimate ways to clean a silk tie without hiring a professional so that you can keep looking smart and sharp on your next meeting.


Precautions with Silk Tie

Washing silk ties can prove to be a risky affair. If you choose to machine wash them, the linings can get weak or damaged. Moreover, water and silk ties don’t go hand in hand. If your tie gets wet by accident, you should dry it as soon as possible with a hair dryer. Also, do not twist a wet tie or else it might lose its natural shape.

Most spills happen during eating. So, remove your tie while eating or throw the end of the tie over your shoulder to keep it out of the food’s reach. Also, test any solution first on the back of the tie to ensure that it does not destroy the natural color of the tie.

Steps for Cleaning a Silk Tie

No matter how careful you are, someone will do the honors of spilling something on your tie. When this happens, start by removing and large debris. Then, to take care of the stains, put a small amount of stain remover on a piece of soft paper towel and then dab it softly on the stains. Rubbing alcohol on the stains can also do the trick over here. Dry the tie immediately with a blow dryer after you dab it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to use the hair dryer on its lowest settings so that you don’t burn your beloved tie.

Old stains can also be fought with talcum powder. This will not be an instant fix because you will have to cover the stain entirely with talcum powder and leave it overnight . There is a possibility that you may have to try a solution more than a few times, especially with stubborn stains. If nothing works, your last resort would be to have your tie dry cleaned.


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