The following two methods are ways to remove grease stains from your clothes: Dish detergent– The best and most straightforward approach to expel anything slick, greasy or oily from any cloth or fabric is by liberally applying a concentrated dish cleanser specifically to the stain. It contains no chemicals so you don’t need to stress… Read More

Deodorants are an important part of our daily life and, especially these days, it is almost impossible to do without them. However, they can be really inconvenient at times, thanks to the white splotches that often stain your clothes. Don’t worry, we found a way where you can still where your deodorant ant not worry… Read More

If you have a kid in school or happen to be a teacher yourself, there is good odds one of you have come in contact with dry erase markers. We all know that they are an accident waiting to happen and can easy get in contact with the cloths you’re wearing. Instead of buying new… Read More

There’s nothing worse than walking out on a bright and sunny day smelling like you spent the week in the marshlands of the Amazon. But if mildew finds its way into your clothes, there is a good possibility that you may end up smelling just like that. To make matters worse, the smell can linger… Read More

A tie can make or break your look. If you are working with a limited number of ties, you better make sure that each one of them is clean and spotless. After all, who wants to look sloppy and unprofessional? That being said, you can’t clean a tie like your regular clothing. Silk ties, in… Read More

If you’ve ever messed around outside by a pine tree I’m sure you have ended up with pine sap on your clothes at some point or the other. Since it’s a common occurrence we’ve put together a how-to remove pine sap article using common household items. To remove pine sap from cloths you will need… Read More