Dyeing your hair is a common thing; tons of people do it. The majority of people who dye their hair do it at home. Now since your reading this article, odds are while dyeing your hair you managed to spill a little bit (or a lot haha) on your carpet. Not going to lie… Removal… Read More

Have you ever accidentally split hot wax onto your carpet? Once it reaches your carpet, it stays there. None of the conventional methods work! Scraping it is kind of effective, but it requires a lot of time, and it may damage the carpet. Even then, a small amount of wax will stay on the carpet.… Read More

Almost every household has to deal with carpet cleaning. It’s a tedious job that can be long and not fun. Since you can’t really machine wash your carpet, you’re going to have to do some old fashion hard work. Don’t worry; it’s not that bad. With a few basic things and some dos and don’ts,… Read More