Concrete is a surface that gets stained easily. You’ll often find yourself with a vehicle leaking oils or in this scenario a mishap where you drop some paint on concrete. Despite being easily stained it’s tough to remove stains; In fact, the task of removal of paint from the surface is not an easy task.… Read More

Coach purses are high quality purses. They have a long life span and often get dirty prior to stitching ripping or seams breaking. Since they are expensive purses it does not make sense to toss them out if they get a little dirty. It is quite common for the purse to develop a layer of… Read More

How to take off henna from the skin safely? Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a plant most commonly known as a source of henna dye. The dye is used for creating short-lasting tattoos that can make the body look impressive. They last for 14 days, and they are present in the upper skin layers. If you… Read More

Blood has unique chemical properties, and it consists of many different substances. As a result, it can transport oxygen and nutrients across the body. But, when it comes in contact with air, it coagulates or simply becomes hard matter. When this happens on your mattress, you have a stain, which is extremely difficult to remove.… Read More

If you have a kid in school or happen to be a teacher yourself, there is good odds one of you have come in contact with dry erase markers. We all know that they are an accident waiting to happen and can easy get in contact with the cloths you’re wearing. Instead of buying new… Read More

You or your children will probably have hands covered with food coloring at some point in your life. Chances are, if you’re reading this… It has already happened ha-ha. We’ll you are in luck, due to this being a more common issue then you’d expect, we have two methods to remove it. The first one… Read More

Have you ever accidentally split hot wax onto your carpet? Once it reaches your carpet, it stays there. None of the conventional methods work! Scraping it is kind of effective, but it requires a lot of time, and it may damage the carpet. Even then, a small amount of wax will stay on the carpet.… Read More

Plush toys attract a ton of dirt and germs. Although they might receive fierce love and hugs from your junior, they could still end up getting dirtier by the day. Toys that can be machine washed are only a whirl away from a brand new look. However, not all the plush toys can be thrown… Read More