The following two methods are ways to remove grease stains from your clothes: Dish detergent– The best and most straightforward approach to expel anything slick, greasy or oily from any cloth or fabric is by liberally applying a concentrated dish cleanser specifically to the stain. It contains no chemicals so you don’t need to stress… Read More

Deodorants are an important part of our daily life and, especially these days, it is almost impossible to do without them. However, they can be really inconvenient at times, thanks to the white splotches that often stain your clothes. Don’t worry, we found a way where you can still where your deodorant ant not worry… Read More

Dyeing your hair is a common thing; tons of people do it. The majority of people who dye their hair do it at home. Now since your reading this article, odds are while dyeing your hair you managed to spill a little bit (or a lot haha) on your carpet. Not going to lie… Removal… Read More

A backpack is one of the essentials that every individual inevitably has – there are no two ways about it. As something that is such an intrinsic part of your life, it is also necessary to know the measures for its maintenance. This is why we bring to you the steps that you absolutely need… Read More

Nothing can beat the comfort that a soft, fluffy pillow offers you as you lie down on your bed at the end of a tiring day. But lack of proper care can make your pillow unhygienic. So you need to wash your pillow regularly, and that too in the proper manner. Wrong washing techniques can… Read More

Chances are if your car isn’t starting it can often be because of a dead battery or dirty battery terminals. Generally you should be able to tell quickly which one it is by popping the hood and taking a quick look. If its dirty terminals you should see a decent amount of corrosion built up.… Read More

Many people love the idea of getting tattoos but tend to restrain themselves because once a permanent tattoo is applied, in case things go wrong, removing it would be quite a difficult task (also very costly ha-ha). For such people temporary tattoos provide to be the perfect option to test the waters. Also, another benefit… Read More

Concrete is a surface that gets stained easily. You’ll often find yourself with a vehicle leaking oils or in this scenario a mishap where you drop some paint on concrete. Despite being easily stained it’s tough to remove stains; In fact, the task of removal of paint from the surface is not an easy task.… Read More

Coach purses are high quality purses. They have a long life span and often get dirty prior to stitching ripping or seams breaking. Since they are expensive purses it does not make sense to toss them out if they get a little dirty. It is quite common for the purse to develop a layer of… Read More

How to take off henna from the skin safely? Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a plant most commonly known as a source of henna dye. The dye is used for creating short-lasting tattoos that can make the body look impressive. They last for 14 days, and they are present in the upper skin layers. If you… Read More